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Data Registration

To send your cargo, we will need your personal information from you, and it must be verified. We will also ask some question when you will report any problem to our helpdesk.

Data analysis

No doubt that we trust you, but we need to verify your data because of some security issues and rules made by differentcountries.

Changes in your information

It is your responsibility to update your information whenever you change your address or other information related to our needs. Your data secure with

Ip Address

We might use your IP address and browsing patterns and browse information to system administration purposes.


Your data is safe with We are following the 1992 Act of protection of data. Your data will be available to only authorised team person of , and our database is password protected, and every user has its own password. No regular person can access this database under any circumstances. Email and contact security Conversations between you and 99 will be encrypted; nobody will have an access to it only authorised person of our team can access them. Conversationis madethrough email or call. Your words and emails are safe with us.

Use of cookies

Cookies are used to collect the browsing data of the user. send cookies to your browsers to collect your browsing information to improve our website and communication services. We use cookies to understand our customers better and give them better service than they expected from us. You should review this privacy policy regularly because privacy policy changes from date to date and we update it regularly when we change our privacy policy. It ok to concern about your personal information that you do not want to share with other. Your information is well protected in our database.